How Fast Is Priority Mail?

The speed of Priority Mail is quite different than that of First Class Mail. It does not cost that much extra either! Here is how fast you can expect to receive priority mail.

One of the most popular mail delivery services available through the United States Postal Service, Priority Mail gives you an opportunity to send your mail significant faster than you would have been able to with first-class mail alone – all without paying a mountain of money along the way.


Almost always guaranteeing that your mail will reach its ultimate destination within 2 to 3 business days, Priority Mail make sure that important packages and parcels get to people faster than standard first-class mail ever could.


Not only that, all mail (including first-class mail) weighing in at less than 13 ounces ships via Priority Mail with no extra fee.


The only trick is figuring out exactly how fast is USPS Priority Mail when you are sending it to someone with an expectation for a guaranteed delivery date. We cover some of that information below, helping to make sure that you take advantage of Priority Mail when it is most advantageous while avoiding paying a lot of extra money for speedy services that might not be all that fast after all.


Let’s dig right in!


priority mail envelope



What Exactly is Priority Mail, Anyway?


As we have highlighted above, the Priority Mail service is simply a faster than normal way to get traditional first class mail to your ultimate destination quicker than you could have otherwise.


In the overwhelming majority of situations, you’re going to see your mail arrive within a couple of business days. We’re talking two days, maybe three maximum (business days, of course).


Best of all, you’re going to be able to use first class mail envelopes as well as flat rate boxes without having to spend a lot of money on extra postage or mail service fees. In fact, you’ll be able to get the mail to your destination with expedited speeds for no extra money if it weighs in under 13 ounces.


Another of the really cool features of Priority Mail is that it can be mixed and matched with a couple of other services and add-ons. This gives you a lot more control over the way your mail is sent and delivered.


What’s the Average Delivery Turnaround for Priority Mail?


As we have highlighted a couple of times already, the majority of Priority Mail mail is going to make it to your addressed recipient within two or three business days.


Figuring out exactly how fast is US Priority Mail is a bit of puzzle though, if only because a handful of conditions are going to influence everything.


For starters, the proximity of your starting and delivery addresses to one another is a major factor. If you’re sending Priority Mail right down the street, the chances are good it’s going to land within the day.


If you’re sending something across the state, or across the country, the chances are good it’s going to take up to three days (if not a couple days longer, even).


It is important to underscore the fact that the USPS doesn’t deliver mail every single day of the week. They take Sunday off, and most drivers are only going to run a route 5 days a week maximum (many only deliver every four days), which means you might have to wait a day or two longer to have Priority Mail delivered.


Speed is always a priority with these kinds of parcels, though. The USPS will do everything they can to move your Priority Mail through the system quickly and efficiently, with as little delay as they can muster. It’s very rare that Priority Mail takes any longer than three business days to get where it’s going.


weeks on a calendar



Is There Anyway to Guarantee the Delivery Date?


Sadly, there’s no way to know for sure exactly how long your mail is going to take to go from Point A to Point B.


Learning how fast is USPS priority shipping is one thing, but controlling exactly how long it takes to get to the destination is something else entirely. Unlike next day delivery – or even same day delivery – you won’t have that granular level on control with Priority Mail.


Instead, you’ll be given a window of time to work with. Going back to what we mentioned early, some folks are going to have that timeline accelerated because of close proximity between the addresses they are sending mail to and from – and others will have to wait a little longer.


Right now, though, there’s not way to lock in a specific time or day with Priority Mail. You’re a little bit up to the mercy of the efficiencies of the USPS when it comes to this department.


Highlighting the Features of Priority Mail


A couple of cool features separate USPS Priority Mail from the rest of the pack, not the least of which is the guaranteed delivery of these kinds of packages six days a week.


Instead of having to worry about traditional first class mail (perhaps) only getting sent out on routes 5 days a week – and in some areas only 4 days a week – that’s not a problem with Priority Mail.


With Priority Mail, you get delivery six days a week (every day but Sunday).


The advantage here is that you’ll be able to send something in the middle of the week (Wednesday, sometimes even as late as Thursday or Friday) and still have it arrive at its destination before the weekend hits.


That’s a huge advantage compared to waiting around for first class mail to land whenever it feels like.


Another cool advantage for your is the perception of importance that Priority Mail brings to the table.


The mailing and packaging aspect of this USPS service means you’re going to separate yourself from the rest of your recipients mailbox immediately. This is huge for those running a business that want to jump out from the mess and clutter that modern mailboxes stuffed with junk mail have become.


Now, all of a sudden, your priority pieces are drawing their eye and guaranteeing they get noticed. That doesn’t always happen with a traditional mailer, that’s for sure.


It’s also pretty neat that you can send Priority Mail from any postal office in the US, no matter what.


Every office is equipped to send this kind of mail, can walk you through the process, and has all the supplies on hand to make sure you can get the job done on the spot. This is always good news for folks that don’t want to have to pre-stock up on supplies and special envelopes or labels before dropping anything into the mail.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get free tracking data on all of the mail you sent out, without any trouble at all?


Well, that’s what happens when you choose to go in this direction. Tracking data is provided no charge at all on every Priority Mail piece, instantly and automatically. Not only will you be able to track the piece as it moves through the mail and the USPS logistics but you’ll also be able to give your recipient a copy of the tracking data, too.


This all means you’ll be able to keep an eye on the parcel as it goes through the system. You’ll know straight away if it takes a day or two to get where you need it to go watching, all the way.


The image of the mailpiece commands attention. You may purchase Extra Services such as Insurance and Return Receipt. Domestic Priority Mail includes up to $50 or $100 of insurance based on the payment method used. For example, retail customers will qualify for up to $50 and manifest mailers paying with a permit imprint will qualify for up to $100. Often travels on the same transportation network as Priority Mail Express® service items.


Finally, all of that mail sent via Priority Mail can be forwarded and returned to sender without any extra charge or fees. All of these services come with the standard level of Priority Mail, making it a bit if a no brainer,


flowers next to a priority mail envelope



What Kind of Priority Mail Services Are Available?


There are a number of different USPS Priority Mail services available to be taken advantage of, giving you a chance to get the perfect mail option for your needs.


Commercial Base services are the baseline option, available for those that want to leverage USPS Priority Mail services without spending a lot of money. Available primarily to commercial customers, you’ll need to use USPS approved IBI postage meters with this level of service.


Commercial Plus is the next step up for commercial customers. Offering everything that Commercial Base offers, you also get even more discounted rates. Your mail volume will trigger these services automatically.


Commercial Plus Cubic pricing is another volume based level of Priority Mail service from the USPS, and sits just above the Commercial Plus plan highlighted above. These are the most significantly discount Priority Mail rates for commercial customers.


The Regional Rate Box options can be taken advantage of by commercial customers, too. These choices give you a chance to choose a couple of different regional plans that discount bulk Priority Mail mail in a number of different “zones” in the US.


All in all, finding how fast is USPS Priority Mail is relatively simple and straightforward – even when you’re choosing from amongst these different commercial options. Priority Mail service is pretty standard across the board, with that one to three business day window highlighted throughout.


Add-Ons for Priority Mail


As far as add-ons for Priority Mail goes, there are a couple of different options to pick and choose from.


For starters, you’ll be able to purchase insurance to protect your package or parcel as you send it through the first class mail platform with extra speed.


The final tally for your insurance cost will be entirely dependent on what you’re looking to insure and protect in the first place. You will be told about the total cost before you move forward though, giving you a chance to make any adjustments as necessary.


Secondly, you can choose to add Certified or Registered Mail services to the Priority Mail service option, too.


This is a good idea for people that want to not only tracking data for their envelopes or packages, but also for a confirmation that the items have reached their destination and been received by the intended person.


Other options are available, too. None of them, however, will be able to influence or speed up the actual delivery timeline for your Priority Mail. Keep that in mind before you choose to sign and the dotted line and spend any more than necessary on these pieces of mail.


Virtual mailbox on a desktop & mobile


The Most Popular Alternative to Priority Mail – US Global Mail Virtual Mailbox


Priority Mail services are well and good, but it’s tough to beat a more complete mailing solution like the Virtual Mailbox from US Global Mail.


Not only do US Global Mail provide you with many of the same benefits of Priority Mail, but they also have the ability to receive mail on your behalf, to scan mail for your and digitize it for your records, to forward your mail to another destination – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


You’ll also be able to have all of your packages signed for and received, all with an address that is a lot closer to a legit street address than any PO Box option you might have otherwise been stuck with going with USPS postal box solutions.


Mailing through the US Global Mail platform is relatively simple and straightforward, too. There are a lot of fast options to pick and choose from (many of them on par with Priority Mail). One of the most trusted names in the alternative mailing business, this is an organization you can trust to care for your mail – and your privacy – the same way you would!


For more information and details, or to learn more about the other services provided by US Global Mail, don’t hesitate to contact them directly.

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