USPS Blue Lite

What is USPS Blue Lite? We cover this USPS service in detail. Read more below.

USPS Blue Lite is a service provided by the United States Postal Service for their workers to use, and it gives them access to information about their employment, company announcements, benefits and insurance information, work schedules, and more. It allows employees to bid for routes that they would like to be assigned to, and lets them look at pension information and even send feedback to USPS.


Without USPS Blue Lite, many USPS employees would find it much more difficult to access some of the information that they need about their employment situation. It is a crucial portal for them, but it is not available to members of the public, as they would have no need of the services that it offers – it is only of use to USPS employees.


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What Is USPS Blue Lite?


USPS Blue Lite is an online portal that was designed for use by USPS employees, and it is a 24/7 service that allows individual employees to log in to their specific account and view lots of information about their employment situation.


USPS Blue Lite is a vital service, allowing millions of government employees to access important information that lets them understand their situation and what they do and don’t have associated with their USPS employment contract.


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What Can You View On USPS Blue Lite?


Employees who log into the USPS Blue Lite Portal can view a whole range of things relating to their employment with USPS. The portal is designed to give them access to everything that they may need to understand about their employment, and it includes things like:


  • Retirement plan
  • Company pension
  • Feedback
  • Company news
  • Company announcements
  • Career development options
  • Benefits plan
  • Insurance status
  • Work schedules in the near future
  • Options to bid for assignments or routes


This portal has a lot of users, and provides irreplaceable support to the USPS workers who need to access this information. If you are thinking of working for USPS, you will be assigned some login credentials for this site, and you can use these to access and examine your information.


It’s a good idea to use this portal and familiarize yourself with it, even if you don’t currently have any need for this information. This will make it easier to find it when you do need it, and can also make it easier to understand things like what benefits you enjoy, and when you will be working.


How Do You Access USPS Blue Lite?


Employees can log into USPS Blue Lite by following these steps:


Step 1: Go to the portal’s homepage, which you can do by typing into your browser’s URL bar.


Step 2: Scroll down the page until you see the box where you can enter your login credentials. You should find this approximately halfway down the page, and you will see two boxes: Employee ID, and USPS Password.


You will need to write your unique ID and password into the respective boxes, and then hit the “Log on” button. If you aren’t sure about either of these two things, your USPS Employee ID should simply be your Employee Identification Number, also known as your EIN Number.


You can look for this on your ID card, or check an income or earnings statement. You should see it near the words Employee ID, at the top of the page. Your password is your Self Service Password.


Step 3: You should wait for the page to load, and then you should have access to the portal, with your personal information there. It should not be more complicated than this, but if you are having problems, read further down this article for help with troubleshooting issues on the USPS Blue Lite Portal.


What Do My Employee ID Number And Password Look Like?


Your Employee ID number should be eight digits long, and contain only numbers, with no letters, special characters, or symbols. It should be on most communication that you receive from USPS, usually near the top of the letter.


Your password will be between eight and sixteen characters, and it may contain both letters and numbers. You may have been assigned a temporary password if you have not signed into the USPS Blue Lite Portal before. Your password is case sensitive, so make sure you position capitals in the correct places when creating the password, and check caps lock is switched off.


Your password must also meet three out of the following four stipulations:


  • At least one upper case letter
  • At least one lower case letter
  • At least one number
  • A special character selected from @ ! % $ * ~ + ^ _


Note that it only needs to meet three out of these four conditions, and you cannot use any other special characters. Passwords must be at least eight characters long, and not more than sixteen characters long.


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Troubleshooting For USPS Blue Lite


There are two potential issues that you might run into while dealing with USPS Blue Lite. The first is issues when trying to log in, and the second is issues while on the site. We’ll look at both areas.


Problems Logging In


If you can’t log into the USPS Blue Lite Portal, it may be because you have forgotten your password. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for this. You can just click on the “Password Recovery” or “Forgotten Password” link below the log in box, and this should allow you to reset your password for the account.


If you cannot remember your Employee ID, find your Identification Number on one of your statements, or on your ID card. Hopefully, this should get you online.


For employees who are still encountering problems, try the following:


Step 1: Open another website in the same browser and check that your internet connection is good. If the connection is down, try resetting your router, or contact your internet provider for assistance.


Step 2: Make sure your login credentials are correct and you have not mistyped your password or your employee ID number. You should double-check that caps lock and num lock are off, and that your hands are in the right place on the keyboard. Remember, the password is case sensitive.


Step 3: Check that the Blue Lite Portal is not currently down. You can do this by going to a site called GeoPeeker, and then entering the URL for the site. This should check whether the site is experiencing issues, or if it is just you that is having problems. If the problems are widespread, simply try again later, when the issues have been resolved.


Step 4: Clear your cache and cookies, and then close the browser and re-open it. You should be asked to log in again, so try from here and see if that has fixed the issue.


Step 5: Try using another browser and another device. You may find that you can log in from your phone, but not your laptop.


Step 6: Make sure that your browser is up to date, and try to access the site via private browsing mode. If you are using Firefox or Opera, try a different browser, as USPS Blue Lite is known for encountering issues on these browsers.


Step 7: If you are still unable to access the portal, get in touch with USPS HR Shared Service Center, and they should be able to help you, or put you in touch with the technical team for troubleshooting.


Problems On The Portal


If you are having any issues on the USPS Blue Lite Portal, follow the below steps:


Step 1: Log out of the site, clear your cache and cookies, and close your browsing session. Next, reopen it and log back in to see if that has solved the problem.


Step 2: Check that your internet connection is strong and the page is not struggling to load because of internet issues.


Step 3: Try using a different browser and see if you are still experiencing issues.


Step 4: Try using a different device and see if you are still experiencing issues.


Step 5: Disable any add-ons you have active.


Step 6: Contact the USPS HR Shared Service Center and ask for help with troubleshooting specific problems.


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What Do I Do If I Have Been Given A Temporary Password?


When you first use this service, you will be given a temporary password so that you can log into your portal for the first time. This will be a temporary SSP Password, and you will usually receive it by letter when you become an employee of USPS. Until you receive this password, you cannot access the portal.


You should find this in the top right-hand corner of your welcome letter.


If you don’t get this letter, make sure you contact HR and let them know, so that they can issue you another temporary password. You cannot access anything without this password.


Once you have it, you will be able to access the Self Service Profile website, but nothing else. You will not be able to do much from here, but you will be able to change your password from the temporary one issued by USPS to one of your choosing.


You can do this by going to and clicking on the button marked “Enter SSP.” You will be taken to a login screen for the Self Service Profile, and you should see a box that asks for your login credentials.


You should still use your EIN, which is eight digits long. Enter the temporary password that you have been given. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to a screen that invites you to enter a new password and confirm it in a second box. Type your chosen password in the first box, and type it again in the second box.


This should set your permanent password, and grant you full access to the USPS Blue Lite Portal. You can log in according to the instructions above to look at anything you need to know about your employment situation with USPS.


Can Everyone Access USPS Blue Lite?


No, not everyone can use this service. It is designed and intended for use by current employees of USPS only, and you should be given unique credentials that allow you to log in to your personal account and view your personal information.


Do not share your login credentials with anyone. It is best to keep them in your head, but if you need to write them down or store them on your computer, make sure that you do so securely to reduce the risk of anyone accessing your account without authorization.


If you think your account has been compromised, change your password and get in touch with HR for support in sorting this out.


Can I Log In To Another Employee’s USPS Blue Lite Account?


No, you should not log in to another employee’s account under any circumstances. Their account is for their personal use only, and even if you do not intend any harm, you could cause serious trouble by logging into someone else’s account.


Do not ask another employee to share their login credentials with you, or share yours with anyone else. These are intended for personal use only, and are not for anyone else to know or use.


Can I Bid For Routes Via My USPS Blue Lite Account?


Yes, this is one of the common activities that employees use the account for. If you want to be moved onto a specific route, you will need to wait for it to come up on the account, and then you can bid for it.


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USPS Blue Lite is a great service to help USPS employees manage everything relating to their employment with the company, including their pension and benefits packages. They can also view their schedule and check what routes are currently available.


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