What is a Remailing Service?

What is a remailing service and why do you need one? That & more are covered in the blog below.

Sending mail through the USPS isn’t quite as safe, secure, or as anonymous as you might like.


Truth be told, sending mail with United States Postal Service always leads behind a “trail” – a trail that you may not be interested in having linked directly back to your physical address, or even a PO Box that can be used to track you down.


Sometimes we need a little more anonymity when sending mail, for variety of different reasons.


These might be business documents that you’re looking to send, they might be legal documents, or they may be personal correspondence that you just want to have a bit more control and privacy over.


We dig little bit deeper into the reasons that people take advantage of remailing services in just a moment, but just know that you definitely aren’t the only person looking to leverage these kinds of solutions.


Each and every day hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people take advantage of remailing services. Millions and millions of pieces of mail are funneled through remailing houses and companies each year, and every year it feels like there are more and more people taking advantage of this secure mailing solution.


To learn just about everything there is to know about a remailing service we have put together this detailed guide.


Let’s get right into it.


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What is a Remailing Service?


To put it simply, a remailing service is a company or organization that takes whatever it is you want to send to someone – a letter, legal documents, a package, something else completely – and then re-mails it for you, giving it a completely different return address and completely different postmark stamp.


This provides a lot of extra privacy, a lot of extra anonymity, and a layer of protection for those that do not want their address or personal identifying information attached to whatever it is they are sending out.


The process works like this:


You wrap up, package, or place into an envelope whatever it is that you want to have sent to your recipient.


Your address that box or that envelope to the recipient specifically, not including anything else – including no return address information and no postage.


You put that box or envelope inside of another box or envelope and send it directly to a remailing service.


Sometimes you have to include payment information in that box (check or money order), other times you’ll include a receipt for your postage – and the remailing service fees – that you have already taken care of ahead of time.


Different remailing services work in different ways. They all walk you through that process, though.


After your package or envelope arrives at the remailing service they will then open the outer box or envelope and prepare the inner box or envelope for remailing.


They will attach their own return address information to the top left-hand corner of the envelope (or the applicable area on your box), attach the right amount of postage to send your envelope or parcel to your ultimate destination, and then drop it off in the post.


From there everything moves along as though you have dropped things off yourself at the local post office or in your mailbox.


When your recipient receives your envelope or package, though, it’s going to have the address of the remailing service prominently displayed and a postmark for that region as well.


Your identity, your address, and any other personally identifying information is kept out of the hands of your recipient completely – unless you provide it to them in some other way.


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What Are the Benefits of a Remailing Service?


Right out of the gate, privacy and security are the biggest benefits that using a remailing service brings to the table.


Because you completely eliminate yourself, your identity, and your address from the equation you are able to enjoy a layer of security that the traditional mailing process doesn’t make possible.


Instead of having to worry about someone seeing your home address (or your work address, even), they will only have access to the remailing service address – and even they won’t be able to provide someone with your information, either.


Talk about extra security!


Some people like this bubble of protection to run their business more securely, especially if they are operating an LLC or other business that was registered to a state like Delaware or Nevada where there are extreme privacy and protection laws in place.


Other people like to use remailing services to enjoy better privacy and protection when paying their bills anonymously, sending messages to friends or family members without having to give away their address, or to handle legal matters.


At the end of the day, there’s no better way to insulate or protect yourself through the mail and by using a remailing solution.


Are Remailing Services Safe?


Like any other industry, the overwhelming majority of legitimate remailing services are 100% legit to use – though there are some exceptions.


This is why it is so important to really research the different services that you are thinking about using from top to bottom before you sign on the dotted line, pay for any services, or send anything through them.


The internet is going to be your best friend in this department.


Punch the name of the remailing service you are thinking about using into Google and just have a cruise around the reviews that they have posted about them.


Be sure to read the good and the bad, digging deep into why people really liked the service and what they really didn’t.


That’s going to give you a much better look at everything a specific remailing service has to offer.


You’ll also want to look into the reputation that a specific service has, particularly compared to other options in the industry.


It’s important to know that you can trust the remailing business you’re working with to not only protect you and your identity, but to also re-mail your packages, parcels, or envelopes as quickly and as expeditiously as possible.


You don’t need your remailed packages, parcels, or envelopes to get held up along the way!


As long as you do your research you really shouldn’t have much to worry about.


Find a legitimate operator and you’ll be all set.


calculating on a phone


How Expensive Are Remailing Services?


Remailing services have a range of prices that vary wildly depending on the service you pick, the solutions you need, and the specific postage that your remailed items are going to require.


The overwhelming majority of services are relatively inexpensive, though. They may add remailing fees on top of postage that are pretty fair (and usually based off of per item pricing), keeping your overall out-of-pocket cost quite low.


Some offer remailing subscription services that keep prices even lower.


These are particularly attractive for people that are going to be remailing a lot of items the mail – usually businesses that want to insulate their physical address (or their home address, even) from their customers for a variety of different reasons.


At the end of the day, you’ll want to research prices for remailing services the same way that you research their reputation in the industry.


You should find a ballpark range of prices that most legitimate operations adhere to.


It’s not necessarily a good idea to go with the cheapest option all the time, either. You want the one that offers the most value!


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How Do I Pick a Remailing Service?


There are really three main factors that you want to consider when you are getting ready to move forward with a remailing service.


The first, and unsurprisingly the most important, is the reputation of that remailing service.


We have already gone over this a little bit but it bears repeating.


You absolutely MUST be moving forward with a remailing service you know you can trust.


Not only with your own information (insulating your identity and your address from your recipients) but also trust them with actually remailing your letters, packages, and parcels as well.


Secondly, you need to look into the speed that these remailing services offer.


A lot of solutions promise “same day turnaround” – getting your remailed stuff out the door the same day that it arrives at their location – but most aren’t able to live up to those expectations. A more reasonable service might promise one or two day delays on remailed turnarounds.


The important thing here is not so much how quickly a company is able to get your remailed items out the door and headed towards their ultimate destination as much as the consistency of the schedule.


If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your remailed items are going to leave two or three days after they arrived at a remailing service you can schedule that on your end.


You can add those extra days of travel time to your delivery schedule, sending your items to the remail are a couple of days in advance to add a bit of a buffer, and then can more accurately calculate when those remailed items are going to arrive.


Finally, you need to look at the overall price point of a remailing service.


Like we mentioned earlier, there are really two different options in this department – pay per remailed piece on top of postage or pay a subscription fee on top of postage.


Other companies might have different fee structures, but the overwhelming majority of services are going to fall into those two categories. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your situation!


Is There a Better Way to Protect My Privacy?


It’s hard to imagine there being a better way to protect your privacy when sending things through the mail then with a remailing solution, especially given how easy this service is to take advantage of.


There isn’t a whole lot that goes into these kinds of services from your end.


All you really have to do is address the envelope or packaging that you are sending on to your recipient, package that inside of another envelope or box, and then send it off to the remailing service.


They handle the rest of the heavy lifting for you – all while protecting your anonymity that every step!


That’s tough to beat.


You could always send out mail with no return address on your own if you wanted to. But you’d still have a local postmark, and it would be pretty easy for someone really dedicated to track you down even with just that little bit of information these days.


No, if you really need that extra layer of privacy and anonymity when sending something physically through the mail it’s a good idea to go with a remailing solution.


virtual mailbox on desktop


US Global Mail – The Ultimate Remailing Service


Of course, if you’d like to add an extra layer of privacy and protection to your own mailbox when you are receiving mail it’s not a bad idea to move forward with US Global Mail.


The premier virtual mailbox service on the market today, US Global Mail has been providing customers with privacy, anonymity, and protection with a more modern mailbox service for more than 20 years now.


Not only do you get a legitimate physical street address separate from your own (better than a PO Box address, too) when you sign up, but you also get to take advantage of digital mail scanning, digital mail alerts in real time as packages, envelopes, and parcels come in, check depositing, and so much more.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about everything that US Global Mail offers, or would like to have a peak at the comprehensive list of services they provide, visit their website today for more details.


You can also reach out to them directly (through email or over the phone) at your earliest convenience to ask any questions about their services that you might have.


Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself signing up for this much more modern mailbox solution like so many others have decided to already!

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