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What Are People Buying From The US? Biggest Fashion Secret Revealed!

Are you into fashion but the idea of shopping annoys you? Or are you incredibly fashionable but limited

Are you into fashion but the idea of shopping annoys you? Or are you incredibly fashionable but limited by your budget? Or maybe you are a mix of the two? How about, you have a good eye for the trends, but you’re too busy to shop? Either way it goes, you are stylish and trendy but something is stopping you from being the best dressed in the room! Well, there is a hidden gem that can and will cater to your needs! You can find anything you’re looking for. Literally anything!

Secret Revealed!

Summer-Fridays_5-592x592.jpgDressed down women's clothesWhite blazer on top of women's clothes


No matter what style you are into, Stitch Fix will have the perfect outfit for you. You literally have a personal stylist at your fingertips. You fill out a style profile that asks questions about your style, your sizing, how you like your clothes to fit. etc. just anything to get a real understanding on your personal style!


Jacket, jeans, shoes & hat for women

This sub box is a literal time saver! Anything you can think of, any objection you may have, will be overturned!



  • What if I don’t want what was sent to me ?

    • A return label is provided in your shipment, you can ship the items in the original box. Return anything you don’t want or doesn’t fit right! No charge to you! Return the whole box or just the one necklace and dress that fit you weird. It is up to you!

Woman un boxing new clothes she purchased

  • What if I only need shirts and accessories, I already have more than enough bottoms?

    • Easy! Not only does the style profile ask you what you like, it asks what exactly your closet needs. Shoes and casual jewelry? Got it. Date night outfits and office bottoms? Got it. Cocktail dresses and athletic wear? Got it. Everything is catered to your tastes and preferences.

Woman posing for a picture

  • I just need an updated, more mature closet. A style overhaul, can Stitch Fix help?

    • Of course. This is the perfect way to trickle a new style into your wardrobe. Not too sure what that new style may be, you can try, try, and try again with Stitch Fix! Maybe you can’t see yourself in an outfit or you have a piece in your closet that has no match, this is the quickest way to shop without leaving your home.

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  • I’m a shopaholic, Stitch Fix would just be an infrequent guilty pleasure? Is that OK?

    • Of course. The frequency of the box is at your discretion. Every 3 weeks? Cool! Monthly? Sure. Every 90 days? Got it. Twice a year? Not a problem. Stitch Fix is budget friendly and overall easy to use. It is literally for any woman.
  • Just found out I’m pregnant, I don’t want clothes I may or may not be able to fit after I give birth, what happens to my subscription now?

    • Nothing! You can mend the frequency of your box or…just switch your style selection to maternity! Not sure how many times I’ve said this but, Stitch Fix is for everybody!Pregnant woman out in nature with a white hat
  • My style is less feminine, a little more masculine, can Stitch Fix really work for me, too?

    • Yes! Don’t let the title or name fool you, Stitch Fix also has a menswear line! And honestly the men’s line has really awesome button downs! The support team and the stylist at Stitch Fix answer their emails fairly quickly. You can let your stylist know your exact needs and your boxes will be catered to you specifically.

Man unpacking a pair of socks

How Do I Get My Fix?!

How awesome would it be to not only have a personal stylist hand pick outfits for you, but to ALSO have it delivered to you at your home?! The clothing possibilities are endless if not unlimited, and who doesn’t like opening packages? It’s like Christmas every time you receive a shipment!

Shop US

This box is available in the US only, however you can still get it internationally. It’s so easy to get a real US street address to get all your packages to. You can even use the address to get a personal shopper to do all your online shopping! The process is pretty quick actually.

  1. Sign up for your own personal, permanent U.S. mailing address.
  2. Get your permanent U.S. address!
  3. Choose your sub box!
  4. Put your U.S. address.
  5. Done! Now, no matter where you live, even outside the U.S.!

Don’t feel left out expats! You can join the club, too! The whole family can enjoy these awesome sub boxes. Imagine what other U.S. only goods you can now get shipped to you?!

Exceptional service, at the right price.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Try Risk Free.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

No one beats our plans. Or pricing. Or customer service.
No contracts or surprise fees. Tons of Free features. Try risk-free.



Per month, billed biennially.
$14.99 billed monthly.

  • 1 name on the account
  • Free check deposit
  • 90 days Free physical mail storage



Per month, billed biennially.
$19.99 billed monthly.

  • Add multiple family members
  • Add multiple company names
  • Upto 80% off on shipping rates
  • Free check deposit
  • 180 days Free physical mail storage

All our plans come with

100% Guarantee

Don't love it? Cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

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Permanent Street Address

Get a PO box online while maintaining a real street address.

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Smart Mailbox

Read all your mail virtually. No paper mess and a greener planet.

No limits

Get mail from all your homes and business(es) or both in the same app.

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Free Check Deposit

Deposit bank checks virtually... with the click of a button.

flexible plans
Flexible Plans

Upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.

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We want to leave a greener Earth for our children

We plant a tree for every new member sign up

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