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  • What US Global Mail Addresses can and can’t be used for?


    This article will answer the most common questions about what a US Global Mail addresses can be used for. 


    Can we get packages sent to US Global Mail addresses?

    We provide physical, street addresses, so you can receive both mail and packages.

    You can then decide if you want to scan your letters, ship packages to other locations including overseas addresses, return items to the sender or shred unwanted letters. You can make these requests online from your Virtual Mailbox


    Do you receive packages and letters on Saturday and Sunday?

    No. Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm US Central Time (GMT-6). We cannot receive deliveries on weekends.

    Make sure to un-check Saturday and Sunday delivery in your order. Otherwise, your boxes will be left outside the building. We are not responsible for deliveries left outside our premises by shippers.


    Can I use US Global Mail address for a driver license?

    Yes. Many of our customers have used their US Global Mail addresses for their driver’s licenses.


    Can I use US Global Mail address for IRS?



    Do I have to pay Texas state taxes when having my US Global mail address here?

    No. US laws don’t make you liable for taxes in any state without living there. Having an address in the state does not make you a resident of that state.


    Can US Global Mail addresses be used for Registered Agent Service?

    No. We currently don’t offer Registered Agent Service. 


  • Can I use US Global Mail address for my bank account or credit card?


    The answer is Yes and No! Yes, because most banks and credit card companies allow our address to be used on the account as your personal address.

    However, some banks have recently started asking for a personal address which is not a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) address. In such cases, our clients provide the address of a friend or family member or their company as the personal address and their US Global Mail address as the shipping address. That ensures that no mail goes to the personal address but comes to their Virtual Mailbox at US Global Mail.


  • Can I add or update addresses to receive my mail abroad later on?

    Yes. You can always update your address and add addresses easily via your Virtual Mailbox.


  • Can I keep my current address and still use the service?


    Yes, you can. When you sign up with us, you will get a new US address for your mail. Simply redirect mail coming to your old address via the post office to your new address with US Global Mail.

    As long as you keep redirecting your mail with the USPS you can keep using your old address.