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5 Most Wanted US Made Treasures for Aussies

Tech Junkies in Australia, look no further! You know all those cool gadgets with limited worldwide releases, the ones that seem

Tech Junkies in Australia, look no further! You know all those cool gadgets with limited worldwide releases, the ones that seem obsolete by the time they hit the local Aussie markets, the ones that are enjoyed by everyone…but you? Don’t worry, there’s a solution! There are companies out there that allow you to create your very own US Address to ship to, which will then consolidate your items and ship them to you at home. Gone are the days of wishing, now your wishes can be easily granted.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing the items yourself and shipping them, personal shopping sites have discounted shipping rates and low service fees. They will do all the dirty work for you! Their fees are as low as 5% of your purchase!


amazon echo device

Amazon Echo $179.99A voice activated smart speaker that can control your whole home. Viable, accessible, and the first of its kind, the Echo is simply revolutionary. The original voice-activated, hands-free living device that makes life that much simpler. Powered by Alexa, you can tell her or ask her anything, the weather, the traffic, order your favorite pizza, play your favorite band, you name it. The Amazon Echo is a fun and interactive device that can be used by people of all ages.


google home device


Google’s answer to the Echo. Same concept. Uses pre-existing knowledge about you, your family, your preferences, and their preferences. Perfect for the busiest tech junkie or the least tech savvy grandma out there. Easy to use with a beautiful sleek design.



kid playing playstation

Sony PlayStation VR $399.00Virtual Reality is everywhere! PlayStation built this headset specifically with gamers in mind . Take your gaming experience to the next level. The headset brings video games to reality. A genuinely unique experience that most gamers are sure to love. The PS VR core bundle box includes a headset, processing unit, headphones and demo disk.


white apple airpods

Apple AirPods $159.00Apple’s first pair of wireless headphones. The headphones can connect with ease to all your Apple devices. The EarPods produce high-quality audio and come with their own charging case, which can provide up to 24 hours of charge time so that your Apple EarPods can keep up with you in this busy world we live in!


The Microsoft Surface Studio is Microsoft’s latest all-in-one PC, with a screen that folds down to transform the laptop into a drawing board. New Surface Dial controls give you control right at your fingertips. At 12.5mm, which is the thinnest monitor ever created, the Surface Studio can be angled at 20 degrees to make drawing an effortless mission. Perfect for the visual artist, instantaneous art at your fingertips.

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