Does FedEx Deliver on Saturdays?

Does FedEx deliver on Saturday? If so, what time of the day can you expect to get your package?

Everyone expecting a package loves to see those FedEx trucks rolling through their neighborhood!


Knowing that the packages you have ordered (or are having sent to you) are so close to home is always a bit of a thrill, though a lot of people are worried that if they don’t get their FedEx packages during the work week (Monday through Friday) they won’t get them on the weekends.


But how true is that?


Does FedEx not deliver on Saturdays?


What about Sundays, will FedEx bring packages on Sunday?


Let’s find out right now!


fedex truck delivering a package


Does FedEx Deliver on Saturdays?


Right out of the gate we can tell you that FedEx does in fact deliver on Saturdays!


This means that if you have a package expect delivered on the weekend (maybe something ordered in the middle of the week, or something sent to you on a Monday or Tuesday) via FedEx Home Delivery that the chances of it hitting your doorstep on a Saturday are pretty good.


Saturday business hours for FedEx are very similar to the same delivery hours By the United States Postal Service.


This basically means that FedEx drivers begin to rollout on their weekend delivery routes around 8 AM in the morning (sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later) and should have all of their packages delivered around 5 PM in the evening (local time).


Obviously, though, not all FedEx deliveries are able to stick to this strict of a schedule.


It isn’t at all uncommon, in fact, to see FedEx vehicles out delivering packages well beyond that 5 PM cut off time. Sometimes you’ll see FedEx trucks out there on Saturday at 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, and even later than that in some more extreme circumstances.


During the holiday season you’re especially likely to see FedEx trucks out a whole lot later than 5 PM on a Saturday, working double overtime to make sure that packages and parcels arrive at their ultimate destination as quickly as possible during this time of year.


Then you have to factor in the special weekend delivery services available from FedEx.


Drivers are always going to go the extra mile to make sure that packages and parcels arrive on the weekend when these premium shipping services have been paid for – but we dig a little deeper into that in just a moment.


At the end of the day, the key takeaway here is that FedEx very much delivers on Saturday!


What About Sundays?


While it used to be true that FedEx adhered to the same delivery schedule as the USPS (at least as far as days concerned, anyway) FedEx started to offer extended hour delivery windows, guaranteed weekend delivery, and now Sunday delivery standard with FedEx Home Delivery services.


Yes, you are reading that correctly.


FedEx does in fact deliver on Sundays now!


But before we get ahead of ourselves here, it’s important to highlight that not everyone use going to be able to enjoy FedEx Home Delivery services on a Sunday (at least not yet, anyway).


FedEx has been expanding their Sunday delivery window across the country for a handful of years now, absolutely blanketing the eastern part of our country (for the most part) and making these deliveries possible.


Sunday delivery via FedEx Home Delivery services, on the other hand, is still a little “spotty” at best. The eastern side of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas are currently the unofficial “cut off” – and anything west of that may or may not receive packages on Sunday, and instead will get them the following Monday.


FedEx is continuously looking for ways to improve and innovate this service, though.


More than 17,000 cities and towns across the country are able to take advantage of the services right now (as of early 2021) and it’s likely that even more will be able to in the years to come until the entire country can!


The big benefit here, course, is that more than 290 million people in the United States are now going to be able to get their packages on either a Saturday or a Sunday when they might not have been able to in the past – and all of this is available at absolutely no extra charge whatsoever.


fedex trucks


Is There Any Way to Guarantee Weekend Delivery?


As we just highlighted, FedEx now offers both Saturday and Sunday delivery to customers using FedEx Home Delivery (the standard delivery service via FedEx) with no strings attached.


If a package goes out later on in the week (usually around Wednesday or Thursday, let’s say) then the odds are pretty good that FedEx is going to be dropping it off on a Saturday or a Sunday without that weekend delivery having to be scheduled at all.


But what if you want to guarantee that your packages arrive at their ultimate destination on the weekend when you know someone will be home to receive them?


Is that possible?


Sort of.


While FedEx doesn’t have a dedicated “weekend delivery” service, they do provide you with a couple of different options to improve your odds of having that package delivered on the weekend moving forward.


For starters, you could always choose to take advantage of any of the expedited FedEx delivery services – Same Day Delivery (where applicable), Overnight Delivery, Priority Overnight and Standard Overnight, and 2 Day Delivery (AM or Standard) – and time your shipment to arrive on the weekend.


This definitely takes a little bit of preplanning on your end to pull off successfully (you want to make sure that your packages are dropped off for delivery on a Wednesday or a Thursday, maybe even a Friday) but it can be done.


If you want to really dial things in, don’t be shy about contacting your local FedEx office or representative and see if they can help you figure out when the right time to get your packages into the FedEx system would be or the best chance at weekend delivery.


Other than that, though, you can simply move forward with FedEx Home Delivery and rest easy knowing that if your packages are ready to be delivered on a Saturday or a Sunday they are going to be dropped off on someone’s doorstep during the weekend!


fedex truck delivering a package


What Time of the Day Will FedEx Deliver My Packages?


There isn’t a hard and fast rule or when you can expect your FedEx packages to be delivered, on a Saturday or any other day throughout the week, either.


A lot of this depends on a variety of different factors that are completely and totally out of your control, as well as out of the control of FedEx themselves if we’re being honest.


For starters, the type of delivery service used through FedEx is going to have a big impact on when your packages arrive.


FedEx Standard Overnight delivery is guaranteed to be delivered by 4:30 PM to business addresses and 8 PM to residential addresses, with FedEx 2Day AM delivery services guaranteeing that those same packages would be delivered by 10:30 AM to business addresses and noon to residential addresses.


FedEx Home Delivery pretty much guarantees that a FedEx package will arrive on your doorstep by 8 PM (seven days a week), but sometimes you can expect your package to arrive even later than that.


For example, inclement weather – a lot of rain, a lot of snow, extreme storms, etc. – can delay your FedEx delivery by a handful of hours if not a day or two.


Add onto that the fact that where you are in relation to the local FedEx distribution center (closer or further) will have an impact on when your FedEx deliveries are dropped off during the day, too.


Maybe your FedEx driver as a standard route that puts you at the beginning of the “loop”, giving you a bright and early delivery window on a regular basis. Or maybe you are closer to the end of the loop, and you’re likely to get your packages later on in the afternoon or evening – or maybe even after the sun goes down.


Then you have to factor in the possibility of different drivers taking over your route, too.


FedEx delivery drivers that have had the same route for years and years likely are going to be a whole lot more efficient and a lot faster with their deliveries than brand-new drivers that are just learning their away around.


At the end of the day, though, FedEx does promise that you’ll have your packages in hand between 8 AM and 8 PM (unless you purchase expedited/special delivery options that guaranteed they get there within a specific time).


Using FedEx Delivery Manager to Streamline Your FedEx Experience


If you’d like to get a little more control over your FedEx deliveries then you need to check out the FedEx Delivery Manager tool ASAP.


Available 100% free of charge, this tool gives you a lot more insights and a lot more control over packages that you are expecting.


You’ll be able to:


  • Enjoy significantly improved tracking information on all of your FedEx packages (especially those being delivered on Saturday or Sunday)
  • Receive alerts every time your package gets updated and the FedEx system
  • Remotely sign for packages that require an “autograph” to be delivered, even if you want me at home
  • Provide more in-depth delivery instructions to your FedEx driver
  • Redeliver and reroute your package if you aren’t going to be at home
  • Have your FedEx package held at the local distribution office so that you can pick it up on your own


… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the different tools and features your be able to take advantage of!


FedEx Delivery Manager makes it a whole lot easier to plan your weekends when you are expecting packages on Saturday (and Sunday), that’s for sure.


For one thing, the ability to more accurately track your package as it makes its way to you – giving you a better idea if a FedEx Home Delivery package will arrive on a Saturday or a Sunday (or the Friday before the weekend or Monday after the weekend) – is a big bonus.


Being able to request a redelivery of your package or a delayed delivery of your package until the weekend is another really neat feature that plenty of folks are going to want to take advantage of.


The fact that you can request FedEx to hold your packages until Saturday or Sunday (when you know you’ll be home to accept those packages) is a game changer!


All in all, these free tools definitely help you make the most of everything that FedEx has to offer as a shipping company and there’s no downside to signing up for them ASAP.


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