How does USPS Priority Mail Express work?

What is USPS Priority Mail Express & how much does it cost? Read more below.

If you ship a lot of packages, you may be wondering whether the USPS Priority Mail Express could be useful to you. This service is a popular option for many businesses and individuals who are sending packages around the US and abroad. USPS Priority Mail Express is one of the premium rate mailing services provided by the United States Postal Service. It offers a whole range of advantages, including fast delivery on almost every day of the year, tracking information, and insurance. It’s an excellent option if you need to send mail quickly.


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What Is USPS Priority Mail Express?


USPS Priority Mail Express is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides overnight shipping to most locations within the United States. The service offers a guaranteed delivery by a certain time, depending on the destination ZIP code.

The cost of USPS Priority Mail Express depends on the weight and size of the package, as well as the distance it is traveling. You can use the USPS website to calculate the cost of shipping a package with Priority Mail Express.

If the package is not urgent, you may prefer to send it using a slower service, such as Priority Mail or First Class Mail


How Quickly Will Mail Be Delivered using Priority Mail Express?

The service provides overnight shipping to most locations within the United States. Delivery is guaranteed by a certain time, depending on the destination ZIP code. Delivery times start as early as 10:30 AM. For example, if you ship a package using Priority Mail Express from New York City to Los Angeles, it will be delivered by 10:30 AM the next day. If you ship a package from Los Angeles to New York City, it will be delivered by 10:30 AM two days later.

Keep in mind that delivery times may vary depending on the destination and that USPS does not guarantee delivery on certain holidays.

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Can I Send Mail Internationally using Priority Mail Express?


Yes, you can use the USPS Priority Mail Express service to send mail internationally. Priority Mail Express is the USPS’s fastest international shipping service, with delivery to most countries in 3-5 business days. Some additional features of Priority Mail Express International include:

Free package pickup from your home or office
Money-back guarantee if the package is not delivered on time
Tracking and insurance for most shipments
Customs forms and other documentation handled by the USPS

Keep in mind that there are some countries where the USPS does not offer Priority Mail Express service to, and there may be restrictions on what types of items you can send internationally with this service.

How Quickly Will International Mail Be Delivered?


This depends on the destination country, but it should take between 3 and 5 working days for an international package to arrive. Countries that are further away are likely to take the full 5 working days, while places like Canada and Mexico may only take 3, as the package does not need to travel as far. Always check how long USPS estimates that the package will take and make sure that this aligns with your needs before you send it. This will increase the likelihood of the package arriving on time.


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Are There Any Weight Limits On Priority Mail Express?


Yes; you cannot send any items that weigh over 70 lb. using Priority Mail Express. This is true for both domestic and international shipping. If you have a package that weighs over 70 lb., you will need to choose another courier service, as USPS does not ship packages over this weight.


This is true regardless of the service that you choose, the size of the package, and any other factors; there is a hard limit on items over 70 lb. You will either need to reduce the weight of your package by splitting it into two, or use another courier. You cannot pay extra fees or accept a slower service to send heavier mail. Items over 70 lb. will invariably be rejected.


Does USPS Provide Packaging For Priority Mail Express?


You can get free packaging from USPS if you are sending mail using the Priority Mail Express service, so make sure you utilize this service if it is useful to you. USPS provides free envelopes, boxes, stickers, stamps, tubes, and more to customers using the Priority Mail Express service. Because this is a premium rate service, it is in USPS’s interests to provide free packaging to encourage customers to use it. Using their boxes can make packing so much quicker and easier, and may save you money if you usually buy (rather than reusing) your packaging supplies. Unfortunately, you cannot use this packaging for any other service; you must be sending mail using the Priority Mail Express option. This is true even if you cover up the branding. Using the packaging for other kinds of mail is considered fraud and should be avoided.


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How Much Does Priority Mail Express Cost?

The cost of Priority Mail Express will depend on a number of factors, including the size and weight of your package, the distance it is traveling, and the level of service you choose.

To get an estimate of how much it will cost to send your package with Priority Mail Express, you can use the USPS shipping calculator on their website. To do this, you will need to enter the destination country, the size and weight of your package, and any other relevant information. The shipping calculator will then provide you with a list of available service options and their prices.

In general, Priority Mail Express is more expensive than other USPS shipping options, such as First Class Mail or Priority Mail. However, it is also the fastest and most reliable service offered by the USPS, with delivery to most destinations in 3-5 business days.


Is There A Flat Rate Version Of Priority Mail Express?

If the above options do not work for you and you are sending a small item, you can also purchase Flat Rate Priority Mail Express if you prefer. This service is only available for small items, and there are three options:


  • Flat Rate Envelope of 12 ½ inches x 9 ½ inches, costing $26.95
  • Legal Flat Rate Envelope of 15 inches x 9 ½ inches, costing $27.10
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope of 12 ½ inches x 9 ½ inches, costing $27.50


These can be shipped to any zone in the US, but since the envelopes are small, you will often have to use the zoned shipping option instead. However, for small items, it’s well worth seeing if the Flat Rate envelope is large enough for you, because this is likely to be a much cheaper way of getting your mail delivered.


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Is Tracking Available?


Yes; Priority Mail Express services come with tracking. You can view the tracking information on the USPS website using the number that you will be provided with when you mail the package. This means that both you and your recipient can keep an eye on the package, see how it is moving, and prepare for its arrival.


Are Packages Sent Using Priority Mail Express Insured?


All Priority Mail Express comes with insurance of up to $100 when you choose the service. If you are sending mail internationally, you may be able to get up to $200 of insurance in certain circumstances (e.g. to protect against loss or damage of merchandise).


Does Priority Mail Express Include Sunday Deliveries?


If your mail is particularly urgent, you might want to skip the “working days” requirement and get the package dropped off on a Sunday – and fortunately, that is an option with Priority Mail Express, although you do have to pay an extra fee for it. If you are going to do this, so make sure you tell your recipient about it. They will then know to be at home to accept delivery, whereas they may otherwise be out, and your money will be wasted. Priority Mail Express is one of the few services that does deliver on a Sunday, which is partly why it costs so much more than the other options. However, if you do not request Sunday delivery when you mail the package, it will not arrive on a Sunday.


Does Priority Mail Express Deliver On Saturdays?


Yes, this mailing service is delivered on Saturdays with no additional charge. Saturday is counted as a working day, so the mail carrier will take the package to its intended destination as they would normally. If you send your package on a Thursday and it will take 2 working days to deliver, it should arrive on Saturday. If it will only take 1 day, you can send it on Friday and have it arrive on Saturday.


Does Priority Mail Express Deliver On Holidays?


As with Sunday delivery, you can pay an additional fee to have a package delivered on a holiday in most cases. You can talk to the USPS staff if you want more information on this, but again, you must request it at the time of mailing. If you don’t do this, the package will be delivered on the next working day.




What Happens If My Mail Is Delayed?


If your mail does not arrive within the guaranteed shipping time (1 to 2 days, depending on the destination), you will be able to claim a refund for your mailing costs from USPS in most circumstances. However, note that refunds are not offered if the delay is due to factors beyond USPS’s control. For example, in the event of severe weather or a natural disaster, you will not be able to get a refund. If USPS misplaces or misdirects the package, you will be entitled to a refund.


You can claim a refund by calling USPS’s customer service line or using their website. In both cases, you will be told immediately whether a refund is going to be issued.


Does Priority Mail Express Include Pickups?


Sometimes, getting to your local post office is a nuisance, but fortunately, Priority Mail Express comes with a free package pickup from your home. All you need to do to utilize this option is to schedule a pickup on USPS’s website. This tells them where to collect the package from, and then you can simply leave the package in a secure, accessible place, and a USPS worker will collect it and put it into the mailing stream for you. This does not result in slower service or any other mailing differences, so it’s a great service to use if you are particularly busy. It saves you from having to wait in a queue at a post office, and may save you from making a long trip, depending on how close the nearest office is.


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