UPS Lost Package – Now What?

Did the UPS lose your package? Follow the steps in this article to start the process of finding your lost package or filling a claim.

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t get excited when they know they have a package coming to them.


We all have a tendency to overcheck (sometimes multiple times a day) our tracking information to see where our packages are, even if they were sent out just a day or two ago!


At the same time, though, this excitement and anticipation is a big part of why we get so upset when a reputable and trustworthy shipping company like UPS tells us that they lost our package somewhere along the line.


There’s always a lot of stress, there’s always a lot of anxiety, and there’s always a bit of headache involved with navigating the process when UPS has lost one of your packages.


Thankfully, this is quite rare – you might only have to deal with a UPS Lost package situation a handful of times (if that) throughout your life – but you want to be prepared should it happen to you in the future.


That’s what the information below is designed to help you with!


Use the guide below to navigate the UPS lost package claims process, either assisting them in finding your missing package or helping to make sure that you are fully reimbursed for something that was totally and completely out of your control.


Shall we begin?


Ok, UPS Lost Package – Now What?


As we highlighted above, it is incredibly rare for UPS to actually lose your package (not just have your package delayed somewhere throughout their infrastructure, but actually lost or stolen) – but they do have a specific process you can follow to get resolve things ASAP.


The UPS Lost Package Claim process is relatively simple and straightforward.


It’s a process designed to help UPS track down and find your package if at all possible, and if it isn’t, to reimburse you for not just the items that were lost during the shipping process but for your shipping costs as well.


Let’s go through the basics of the claims process right now.

UPS Lost Package - Now What? 1


Start a Claim


The very first thing you are going to want to do when you suspect that the UPS has lost one of your packages (or you have received a package that is damaged beyond repair) is to initiate claim process with UPS.


You have the opportunity to file three different types of claims, broken down like this:


  • Lost Package – You can file a claim with UPS on any packages that have not been delivered 24 hours after the expressly outlined delivery date and timeline.


Before you file this kind of claim, though, it’s important that you double check all over your property to verify that your package wasn’t placed somewhere you weren’t expecting. The sender of the package or the intended recipient have the opportunity to initiate these kinds of claims, too.



  • Damaged Package – The sender or the intended recipient of a package can also file a damage claim on any packages that were received in obvious damaged condition, a condition that they were not shipped in and one that was (obviously) caused by UPS somewhere along the line.


UPS does encourage the sender of that these kinds of packages to file these types of claims, though, if only to expedite things a little bit.


  • Uncollected COD Packages – If a package is delivered and COD funds were not paid upon delivery the shipper has the opportunity to file a claim directly with UPS to get that money from the shipping company themselves.


The first piece of the puzzle is initiating the right of claim to begin with, though. Work with UPS to make sure that the correct claim has been filed and the rest of the process is relatively simple and straightforward from there.


package scanned


Provide Shipping Information


It’s important that you provide UPS with as much information about your package and shipping details as you can to not only speed things up, but also to give UPS an opportunity to track down or find your package that could have been lost somewhere in transit.


There are a bunch of different details that UPS will request from individuals that are filing a claim, but some of the most common details their request right out of the gate include:


  • Tracking and reference numbers for the package that is lost
  • The day that the package was shipped and its originating location
  • The expected delivery date and how long it is overdue
  • A description of the package and a general idea of the contents
  • A general idea of the value of the items that were being shipped and the price of shipping paid


Later on in the claims process you may be asked to provide even more information, especially after UPS actually confirms through their systems and through a physical search that your package is in fact lost for good.


Just make sure that you have the bare minimum of information we highlighted above ready to go before you start the claims process. It’ll expedite things quite a bit, streamlined the process, and really help you get a jump on things.


holding an ID & passport


Prove Who You Are


The next piece of the puzzle that you’re going to have to provide during the UPS lost package claims process is information regarding who you are and what your relationship with this specific package is.


You’ll need to provide your name, your address, and your contact information very early on in the claims process. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, though, as this is “bare-bones” information that every customer service department and claims process is going to need to move forward.


Secondly, though, you’re going to need to provide information about what your relationship with the missing package is.


UPS will want to know if you are the original sender of the package or someone responsible for sending the package out, the intended recipient of the package or the individual that would have been responsible for receiving at, an appointed representative of the individual or organization sending packages out, or a third-party involved in moving the package from one location to the next.


Not only is this information useful for UPS when they go to track down a package, it’s also important for communication purposes and for understanding and the specific type of claim can be started by the individual in question.


Share In-Depth Package and Item Information


Next, you’re likely going to be asked a bunch of questions about the package itself as well as the contents that were included inside of the missing package.


Not only are you going to be asked about exactly what was in the box when it was sent, but you’re also going to be asked about the condition of the items, the value of the items, and any information you can provide to backup that what you say was in the box actually was.


Photo documentation, invoice information, or any other details you can provide will help track down any missing items that they have spilled out of a box that burst – but they also help with the monetary claims side of things if your package is deemed lost or stolen by UPS themselves.


All of this information should be as accurate as possible, and if you don’t have documentation or information regarding the specific items that were included in a box you’ll want to try and find “general” photos, receipts, or information about the items online or elsewhere.


Anything you can provide to help move things along will improve your odds of a successful claim big time.


Submit Your Claim


The last thing you need to do when filing a claim is physically filing with UPS, which can be done in person, over the phone, online (via their website or email), or through the mail after downloading, printing, and filling out a claim form.


Obviously, jumping online and knocking out the claim process is a relatively simple, straightforward, and quick way to get things moving. A lot of people find that actually calling UPS or visiting a local UPS office can speed things up even more so.


You also get the added benefit of working directly with UPS employees and customer service agents that have gone through this a million times before and can walk you through the process step-by-step, too.


clock melting


How Long Does the Claim Process Take?


Though each individual claim is processed on a unique schedule depending on the specifics of that situation, you can (as a general rule) assume that the UPS lost package process will take up to 10 days or so.


Sometimes you’ll be able to move things along a little faster (maybe four or five days) and sometimes it’s going to take a little longer (maybe two weeks or so). But generally it’s not going to take much longer or much shorter than 10 days to go from start to finish with this process.


Obviously, you can help to expedite things a little bit by following along with all the information that has been highlighted above.


The more prepared you are and the more information you provide UPS when filing this kind of claim the faster things are going to move for you. Always trying to share more information than UPS requests (relevant information, obviously) and you’ll discover that things move much faster for you than they might have otherwise.


Why Have I Received a Damage/Loss Notification Letter from UPS?


When UPS finishes your claim they are going to send out what’s called a Damage/Loss Notification letter outlining the findings of their investigation as well as your next steps to get reimbursed for the value of the package that was lost.


After receiving this letter you’re going to have to follow the instructions and finish off the claims process on your own.


The easiest way to do this is simply to jump online, sign into your account, and use the claims process dashboard in conjunction with the information from your Damage/Loss Notification letter to finalize things.


You also have the opportunity to complete the process off-line if you choose to do so.


You can print out the Request for Claim Payment form provided and send it back to UPS directly, or you can contact them through the phone – or visit any local UPS office – to finish things that way, too.


Just be sure that you are following the directions to the letter to close things out so that you can get reimbursed as quickly as possible.


ups truck delivering mail


Will UPS Pay to Replace My Missing Package?


If you are going to be reimbursed for a missing/stolen UPS package claim the payment is going to be sent in the form of either a paper check or an electronic funds transfer (EFT).


A lot of people choose the EFT process so that they can have money directly deposited into their bank account of choice, but some want to have a physical check mailed to them that they will then deposit. The physical check allows them to have a more complete paper trail that might be necessary later down the line.


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