FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

What does this FedEx tracking update mean for your package? That & other tracking updates you will receive, are covered in this article.

Federal Express (FedEx) is far and away one of the world’s most popular shipping companies, and one of the top two shipping options in the United States – ranking right up there with UPS.


Responsible for handling (literally) millions and millions of packages and parcels every single day, it’s a modern miracle that FedEx is able to keep everything straight and organized while individual packages move through their logistical infrastructure.


A lot of that organization, though, comes down to how smartly FedEx laid out their logistics – and how well they have implemented detailed tracking information.


Tracking info isn’t just useful for folks that are expecting packages (or sending packages and want to confirm delivery). It’s also used quite a bit by FedEx internally to better understand where packages are throughout the logistical chain, identifying weak spots, slow spots, and inefficiencies while improving their service speed and results at the same time.


Each day, FedEx handles more than 125 million package status tracking requests or more than 15 million packages throughout their infrastructure.


That’s a lot of requests, to be sure, but it’s also a lot of information that FedEx has to get right and delivered to their customers and employees for each individual package, too.


Status updates are a big piece of the puzzle in making heads or tails of FedEx tracking information.


They add context to the information provided, they help give a better picture of what’s happening to a package as it moves through FedEx systems, and they give people an opportunity to anticipate what the next move for these packages are.


At the same time, not all tracking statuses from FedEx are super easy to understand or crystal clear as to what they mean. Especially if you aren’t working in a shipping and delivery industry yourself!


Take, for example, the FedEx “Scheduled Delivery Pending” message.


That seems pretty simple and straightforward on the surface, but there’s a lot more information it conveys as well.


We dig a little deeper into that in just a moment while covering a little bit about the FedEx shipping and tracking process in general as well as other status messages you’ll want to know about.


Let’s do this!


fedex employee delivering mail


Quick Breakdown of the FedEx Shipping and Tracking Process


Even though FedEx handles millions and millions of packages every day (north of 15 million individual packages on a daily basis) they are able to deliver 98% of their packages on time – even in the middle of the holiday season when things are particularly crazy.


A lot of that comes down to how intelligently laid out the FedEx infrastructure is, how smart their “spoke and wheel” hub system is, and how advanced their logistical technology is, too.


But another big piece of the puzzle is the tracking system that they take advantage of, including information that they share with their customers to give them more confidence and peace of mind.


Every single package accepted by that ask is given a 100% unique tracking number that allows it to be identified throughout the FedEx system. That tracking number is attached to a barcode that works with the FedEx infrastructure, as well.


The barcode provides detailed information about what a package is, where a package is coming from, where a package is ultimately destined to go, and how FedEx wants to move it from its origination location to its final destination.


Along the way the packages scanned with information and data uploaded into the FedEx system. The scans are used internally to understand what the next step or a package is, but are also used with consumer facing tracking info that lets people know where their package is and where it is likely heading next.


Each time the FedEx package gets scanned it’s information gets updated and that information is shared (real time) across FedEx as well as with anyone using the unique tracking number itself.


This kind of accountability and constant measurement of packages moving through their logistical chain is how FedEx is able to deliver 98% of their packages on time, no matter what!


fedex truck


What Does “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” Mean?


This is a very common status message to get when you are tracking your FedEx package, so if it keeps popping up when you have things sent to you via FedEx (or are sending things out through FedEx, too) there’s nothing to be concerned with.


This message – “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” – basically means that FedEx is doing absolutely everything in their power to make sure that your package gets to its ultimate destination (maybe your doorstep) as quickly as humanly possible.


Sometimes it means that your package has been delayed for reasons completely out of the control of the folks at FedEx (inclement weather always throws a monkey wrench into things), but sometimes it means something happened along the logistical chain in FedEx that has slowed or delayed your package, too.


The important thing to understand about this message is that it is constantly going to be updated by the folks at FedEx as the delivery commitment changes.


You might wake up in the morning and find a “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” message, check it in the middle of the morning and see that it hasn’t changed, and then have another look at noon and it’s been updated to a “Package is Out for Delivery” update.


Or maybe it continues to have that Schedule Delivery Pending message for 24 hours to 48 hours until something in the FedEx chain “shakes loose” and your package starts moving again.


If you see this message continue to check the tracking information every couple of hours to see what kind of changes (if any) have been made.


fedex truck delivering a package


Important FedEx Tracking Status Updates You’ll Want to Know


Of course, there are a bunch of other FedEx tracking status updates that you’re going to want to be on the lookout for – all of which informed where your packages, how far out your package is, and when your package is most likely to be physically delivered to its final destination.


Some of these messages are little more useful than others, but all of them are going to provide a more complete picture of what’s happening with your FedEx delivery schedule.


Package Accepted


Usually the first (or one of the first) status updates you’re going to get from the folks at FedEx, this message basically says that your FedEx package has been accepted by a FedEx office – maybe a FedEx shipment facility, maybe a FedEx Store, or maybe a FedEx third-party partner or a FedEx driver – and it’s been moved through the logistical chain now.


You’ll usually get this update when you check your tracking information within the first hour or two of your package being accepted and beginning its journey with FedEx.


Sometimes, though, your package is going to get scanned with this next update until it arrives at the next step along its journey – which can be a little bit frustrating, especially if you are prone to check your tracking data every couple of hours (or at least every couple of days).


If you don’t see any movement from the status after 48 to 72 hours it’s not a bad idea to get a hold of facts directly and see if they can find out what’s going on with your package or move things along for you.


Package in Transit


A package update that tells you your delivery is “In Transit” means that it is currently on the move to the next FedEx destination – which may be its final FedEx delivery destination or just another hub in the delivery system.


A lot of people see this message and are under the impression that means that their packages physically on the move right then and there (being shipped by truck or aircraft), but that’s not necessarily the case.


Your package may just have been scanned through a facility and is currently waiting (with a bunch of other packages) to be loaded up and transported to the next stop along the way.


All in all, though, this status does mean that your package is moving through FedEx. It’s especially nice to see this kind of update if your package hasn’t had a lot of activity in the last few days, too.


Package Out of Delivery


This is the message that absolutely everyone wants to see, the message that is the last scan before your FedEx package gets placed onto a delivery vehicle, dropped off at your doorstep, and then marked “Delivered” by the FedEx employee that did the actual delivery themselves.


You’ll usually see this message start to update around 7:30 AM to 8 AM (local time), though sometimes FedEx officials scan their packages a little bit earlier and begin loading them onto delivery vehicles before 7 AM.


No matter what, though, this specific status means that your package has arrived on the last leg of the journey and is about to find its way to its final destination within the next few hours.


No Scheduled Delivery At This Time


You’ll usually see this kind of status update from the folks at FedEx earlier on in the tracking process, especially when a package hasn’t yet begun to move through the FedEx logistical chain.


The status is generally just an update that FedEx doesn’t yet have an estimated or schedule delivery time that they can provide you with.


Most of the time, FedEx does a decent job of estimating when your package is going to arrive based off of historical data from other packages that have followed a similar (or identical) journey through the FedEx system.


Sometimes, though, FedEx has other data – data about inclement weather, data about slow down the different facilities, etc. – that tell them internally this historical timeline may not be all that accurate in this specific situation. This status update usually means that more information is needed until a delivery estimate can be made.


Check back again later on that day (or over the next couple of days) and your delivery estimate information should update as FedEx has a better idea of when your package is going to get to you.


Delivery Exception


If the “Out for Delivery” message is one that everyone wants to find when they check their FedEx tracking information the “Delivery Exception” message is one that no one wants to come across.


This message basically means that something unexpected has occurred and your FedEx package is going to be delayed past the original delivery date and time estimate.


Sometimes packages are held up by US Customs, sometimes the holiday season causes delays, and inclement weather and severe storms can always throw a monkey wrench into the delivery timeline of companies like FedEx.


More information about the specifics behind your Delivery Exception can be uncovered by signing up for the (100% free) FedEx Delivery Manager service.


Just remember that FedEx has a 98% on-time delivery track record and that this kind of status update is very, very rare.


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