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Hottest Monthly Subscription Boxes That Ship Internationally!

Are you looking for one-of-a kind gift, bespoke items that are available only to those in the know? Want to throw a Tapas party with everything

Are you looking for one-of-a kind gift, bespoke items that are available only to those in the know? Want to throw a Tapas party with everything imported from Spain? Or delight your geek kiddo with a hands on science kit that is not found in regular stores?

Look no further. We have a solution for you: Subscription Boxes from the US. If you are wondering what a subscription box is- it is a recurring box that comes on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, every 3 months etc.) filled with items specifically catered to the subscription or to your tastes. There’s a box for everyone: kids, teens, adults, parents, nerds, beauty gurus, fur babies the list goes on! Here’s a look at a few of our favorites! 

Green Kid Crafts

green-kid-crafts subscription box for international shipping

  • A monthly subscription service geared towards educating kids in a fun, productive, eco friendly manner. Created by an environmental scientist, who is also a mother of two, who wanted her children to be engaged in a creative and educational way. For children ages 3-10, these boxes are filled with interactive games, enriching crafts, experiments and products for the developing child. What’s most exciting is that each box is based around a different theme, so every month kids are exploring a new topic. Past boxes have included diverse themes, including nature, art, amphibians and electricity. Whatever children are interested in, they’ll find something in Green Kids Crafts. 

Kiwi Co.

  • Kiwi Co. is a subscription box that both adults and kids will love getting stuck into! In each box, children receive an awesome STEAM project to complete. STEAM is shorthand for “Science, technology, engineering, art and math”. This company offers a number of boxes for different age groups and interests. For example, you can choose “Cricket Crate” if you’ve got little ones, “Kiwi Crate” for pre-school children, or “Tinker Crate” which is geared towards older children. Each box comes with both a STEAM project and a magazine showing kids how to complete the project themselves or with the help of an adult. 


subscription box





  • If you’re interested in your kids learning to code, it’s best to get them started while they’re young. Bitsbox is a subscription box for boys and girls aged 6 – 12 that teaches them all about coding. Every box contains a number of coding projects, ranging in difficulty. Kids can pick a coding project that they like the look of, log onto the Bitsbox website and watch the project come to life on the screen. Kids can share any apps they build across multiple devices. This is a super subscription box that makes learning about technology fun! Prices start at $16.95 per month.

Young Chefs’ Club 

young chef subscription box


  • Do you have kids aged 5 and up who are always asking to help out in the kitchen? Why not try Young Chefs’ Club? Each month is totally different and will come as a surprise for little chefs. Each box has its own particular theme. Not only do boxes contain new recipes for kids to try, it also explores different cuisines from around the world and teaches children about food science. As well as the physical box itself, the subscription gives access to an online community and resources, including extra recipes and cooking techniques. Another nice little feature of this subscription is that parents will receive a shopping list by email before each box arrives, so kids can start cooking as soon as they open their monthly subscription. 


Bark Box

barkbox subscription box- ship international

  • Dogs are seen as part of the family, so why wouldn’t there be a subscription box for these wonderful furry bundles of joy?! A custom monthly box for your dog. Based on the size of your pup, the box will be filled with treats, snacks, and toys sure to be enjoyed by your dog! The toys are both dog and owner approved. The boxes are different, every month there’s a new theme which the toys and treats will be curated from.

Loot Crate

Loot crate subscription box ship international

  • Geared towards “geeks and gamers” these varying monthly subscription boxes are filled with all kinds of goodies! T-shirts, collectibles, licensed figures, sunglasses, backpacks, you name it. These fun filled boxes change every month, there’s a new uniqe theme which the items are curated from. Anything from Star-Trek to He-Man. There’s guaranteed to be a box for everyone.


cat opening a box

  • If cats are more up your alley, then perhaps you should take a look at Meowbox! You can choose between monthly and bi-monthly shipments. Each box is a curated selection of cute cat toys and delicious treats hand picked by cat lovers. Each box is also based around an adorable theme. Past themes have included “Welcome to Mew York”, “Pool Purrty” and “Jungle Expurrdition”. Subscriptions for Meowbox start at $22 a month. 


vet pet box

  • What about a subscription box that caters to both cats and dogs? Yes, that exists as well. Look no further than VetPetBox. Each box is specially curated for your pet by a group of vets! Before you subscribe, you fill in a questionnaire so VetPetBox can be tailored to your pet’s specific needs, for example if they have any allergies or special dietary requirements. Each month, your lucky cat or dog will receive a box of tasty treats and other wellness goodies, such as shampoos and supplements. You’ll also get a pamphlet exploring a different wellness topic with each monthly box. 

Glossy Box

glossy box subscription box ship internationally

  • For the beauty expert, every month, GlossyBox comes out with a box of the latest and greatest in everything beauty products. Full sized makeup, organic teas, perfumes, lotions, books, all the must-haves for the month. These are one of the hottest subscription boxes to get, certain times of the year, there’s a waiting list just to join! Get in while you can!

Misto Box

Misto box subscription box ship internationally

  • This is one of the coolest subscription boxes on the planet. For the coffee connoisseur, you can customize this box to fit your exact taste in coffee. And if you don’t know what that is, this is a perfect way to figure out what it is you like. You can pick how often you want to receive the coffee, if you’re into organic, single origin, light, dark, whatever! There will be a coffee for you.


Fab fit fun subscription box ship internationally

  • Aimed at the busy, fabulous mother, this box is filled with full sized premium products in each box. There’s beauty products, fashion tips and tricks, home products, fitness and wellness items, the subscription box is pretty lengthy. The box comes out every 3 months and is hand picked by the FabFitFun Team!

Try The World Box

Try the world subscription box ship internationally

  • A specially selected box filled with country specific gourmet foods, each box is filled with ingredients to cook with, various drinks and snacks as well as a Culture Guide from the country. A fun sub box that helps you to create and recreate genuine tasty dishes!

Smuggler’s Bounty

Smugglers bounty subscription box ship internationally

  • Calling all Star Wars lovers! This box is awesome! A different theme every month, this sub box is filled with various collectibles. You can receive anything from t-shirts, scarves, bobble heads, limited edition toys, lanyards, etc.! The list is extensive and fun, they do run out fast though, be sure to sign up asap!

Winc Wine Subscription

winc wine subscription

  • If you love trying new wines, but are overwhelmed with the vast selection when you venture into the wine aisle, then Winc might be the perfect subscription box for you. Every month this cool subscription box company will send a personalized selection of wines to your door. How do they personalize it you might ask? Well, as part of the sign up process, Winc will ask you a couple of questions to determine your tastes. Then, their wine experts will match your preferences with some choice bottles of wine! After you’ve tried a new wine each month, you can go to Winc’s website and rate the wine. This way Winc will get to know your tastes better over time, and you’ll be more likely to love the wine you receive each month. Like many of the other boxes on the market, your subscription is totally flexible. If you decide you’ve had too much wine and want to give it a miss for a month, you can place your Winc subscription on hold. 

Home Chef

home chef prepared meals on a table

  • Home Chef is a food box with a difference. With Home Chef you get to plan your meals each week, based on dietary requirements, caloric intake or other preferences you might have. You can simply do this by logging onto their website and planning out your meals for the week! The ingredients are pre-portioned and delivered straight to your door, ready for you to just pop in the oven and enjoy. No more evenings when you forget essential ingredients or are unsure what to cook. 

Owl Crate 

  • Owl Crate is one of the most popular book subscription boxes. It’s been around for quite a while and has amassed a large customer base during that time. Every month subscribers get a themed box built around a particular novel. As well as the book, subscribers get a nice selection of bookish goodies, including jewelry, bookmarks, stationary and apparel. The company also has a subscription box for younger readers, called Owl Crate Jr. The junior box operates in much the same way as Owl Crate, however the book and other items included are aimed at kids aged 8 – 12. 

Book of the Month Club


book of the month


  • This is another monthly subscription box for bookworms. Book of the Month Club allows subscribers to pick their favorite book each month from a group of five books. Subscribers usually get to choose from a selection of various genres, including romance, horror or nonfiction. This gives subscribers a chance to receive a book that they really want to read, as opposed to sending a random book. If you haven’t got through the book from the previous month, the subscription is really flexible and allows you to pause at any time. 

The Sill Plant Subscription Box


the sill plant


  • The Sill ship a potted plant straight to subscribers’ doors every month. You can choose from a number of different styles depending on your preference. They have plants that are suitable for low light environments, or pet friendly plants. Plants also arrive in a beautiful earthenware pot – ready to be put on display. Subscriptions start at $35 a month. 


This is a short list compared to the amount of boxes available! Anything you are looking for, I’m sure there is a sub box geared towards your tastes. Most of these boxes are available in the US only, however you can still get them internationally. It’s so easy to get a real US street address to get all your packages to. You can even use the address to get a personal shopper to do all your online shopping! The process is pretty quick actually.

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Don’t feel left out expats! You can join the club, too! The whole family can enjoy these awesome sub boxes. Imagine what other U.S. only goods you can now get shipped to you?!

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