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Choosing a plan

Choose the plan that's right for you by delving further into how each one works.

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  • Personal Plans: One name vs Multiple names

    One name: If you are the only person who receives the mail, the plan for a single name is the Basic plan (Starter plan in Concord CA). 

    If you are married and still receive mail to your maiden name we can make adjustments on your account to accommodate this. You will only need to provide us with a marriage certificate showing your maiden and legal name verification purposes.

    Multiple names: If there are multiple people who wish to receive mail we offer the Plus plan (Standard plan in Concord CA). This plan allows for up to ten names.


  • Individual vs Business Plan: What if I am only a small business?

    If you choose a personal plan then you can only receive mail addressed to your personal names.

    If mail for your business comes in addressed to you and your business name then you can stay on the personal plan. However, if it is likely your mail will come in addressed to your business name only then you will need to upgrade to the Business plan for your preferred location.

    Our Business plans are among the most affordable, from $29.95/month (with the annual plan).