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Pausing your account

Sometime's you may not need our service for a short while. Here's what you can do if that occurs.

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  • Can I pause or suspend my account?

    Suspending accounts

    We don’t have an account suspension option at this time. You can close the current account and reactivate it when you need it again.

    Reactivating accounts

    You can reactivate your account after closing it and as long as you reactivate within 6 months from the account closing date, you won’t need a new 1583 form and you will still get the same box number. 

    If you are reactivating after 6 months from the account closing date, you will need to sign up for a new account and a new address here.


  • What do you do with mail that comes to a closed or suspended account?

    USPS regulations require US Global Mail to accept incoming mail sent to an address for 6 months after the date of cancellation. 

    After this period, any mail existing in storage and any new mail items received will be returned to sender and or shredded.