Learn more about the additional services US Global Mail including check deposits and package inspections as well as even more benefits for Businesses.

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  • Special Items- Receiving and Forwarding

    Dropship items from your vendors

    We offer you an address to receive products from your US suppliers, hold them in our warehouse and upload their information into your Virtual Mailbox. You can decide to ship, consolidate, or return them anywhere in the world as you sell them.

    Ship items in bulk & packaging service

    We receive, store, and itemize your items into your Inventory System. You can manage these items from there. We do not charge extras for packaging unless your items need special handling or extra packing details (tissues, bows, etc).

    We can also handle returns/exchanges for you. As we receive them, we will add the box to your Virtual Mailbox for you to see and can open the returned boxed and add items back into inventory.

    Contact us if any questions. 


  • Open and Inspect Packages

    If you are not sure about the contents of your package, you can request us to open and inspect your package. We will open the item and take pictures of the contents that will be uploaded to your account.

    We can inspect items for breakage, match the number of items to the receipt, etc. but we cannot inspect for authenticity.

    Flat fee: $5/package.

    To request this service, please follow the below instructions:


    1. Log in to view your inbox.


    2. Checkmark the package or softpak you would like inspected and click OPEN at the top.


    3. Fill out any special instructions and/or choose expedite for the inspection and click SUBMIT REQUEST


    You will see a confirmation once you submit:



    Open & Inspects will be completed within 24 hours. Once they are completed you will receive an email notification and you can view the uploaded images in your completed scans section.

  • What are services available for Corporate Expats?

    We can customize plans for your needs. We’ve helped expats of Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Symantec, Google, Apple, Rockwell Collins, Wal-Mart, BP, Shell, Regeneron, AmerisourceBergen, Exterran, Anadarko etc.

    For any queries, please contact our Business Development VP at


  • Do you offer secure mail shredding?

    Yes, and its FREE for all plans.


  • Do you scan my mail?


    We scan the outside of all envelopes and boxes. You can see images of these scans in your Virtual Mailbox. For the security of your mail, we do not automatically open any mail.

    You can ask us to open items and scan contents. During business hours [M-F 8am-6pm], you can view the scan and read the contents within 4-6 hours. A small fee applies: $3/letter + $0.5/page in each letter. You can also ask for an expedited scan when placing the scan request for an additional fee of $5.

    Your scans will be available to view and download in your Virtual Mailbox for 120 days.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to request a scan:


    1. In your Mailbox, click to select the letter you want to scan:


    2. Click on “SCAN” in the top left corner of the mailbox.


    3. Fill the Scanning Instructions, then click “Confirm Scan”

    Add any additional notes on scanning in the box or select Expedite Scan if you need the scan urgently. 


    You will get the success confirmation “Scan request(s) received” in the top. 



    In your Inbox, under “Scanning Queue”, you can track the ones you’re requested but not processed. 

    • Regular scans are completed within 24 hours of submitting a request.
    • Expedite scans are completed within 2 hours of submitting a request during business hours, M-F, 7.30 am – 5.00 pm



    If a scanning request is in the “Pending” section of your Scans tab, you can cancel it by selecting the letter and click the blue “CANCEL SCAN” button at the top. You then get a message asking you to confirm the deletion of the scan request. Once it is canceled, the item will no longer be in your Scans tab.



    You’ll be notified via email when the scan is ready. 

    1. View a Completed Scan:

    Log into your Virtual Mailbox, go to the SCANS tab, click “Completed”, and you can see all the scans available.

    Click on “VIEW” to view the item’s PDF scan in your account. Scans are available to view for 120 days in your account.


    2. Download A Completed Scan

    Click on “DOWNLOAD” on each letter scanned. Scans are available for downloads within 120 days in your account. You can save the scans on your local device if needed after downloading it.



    After viewing the scans, you might want to decide if you want to Ship or Shred the letter. 


  • Do you offer check deposits? How?

    Yes. Here’s how it works:

    • Send us your check deposit instructions and your bank account information in the packing instructions of your shipment request.
    • We’ll put your check inside an envelope with your letter and mail it your bank via the carrier and service of your choice. No extra fees. Only standard shipping fee and repack fee, if any, apply.

    We recommend you also contact your banker and tell them to expect the check. The mail we sent can be marked to the attention of the banker by name for additional expediency and security.