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Required Documents

Find out the Documents, Forms, and Photo ID you need to start using this service.

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  • What documents and information do I need to use the service?

    To sign up for the service so you can quickly obtain an address, you do not need any documents.
    Select your plan
    and you can be all set in 5 minutes. 

    Once you have an address, you will need to provide some documents to ensure your account’s security and confidentiality.

    You will need TWO types of documents:

    • IDs
    • 1583 form (if you want incoming mail delivered by USPS)


  • What types of ID do I need to provide?

    The types of IDs depend on the plan you are on:

    FOR PERSONAL PLANS (Basic and Plus):


    Per US Postal Regulations, US Global Mail must have 1 of the following documents:

    • Incorporation certificate
    • Commercial Registration
    • Certificate for The Registration of The Name along with a photo ID of the officer named in the document.
    • EIN document


    • An overseas address or a new location address. 
    • You only need this address when you want to ship any mail or packages to your overseas address. 
    • You can always update your address and add multiple addresses easily via your Virtual Mailbox.


  • Why do I need to send a photo ID?

    To ensure your mail and account’s security, we ask for a photo ID that matches the name on your credit card. This is a best practice advised by credit card companies and the Security Standard Council to protect you from fraud.


  • What forms of photo ID can I send?

    General guidelines:

    • At least one ID must be a government-issued photo ID
    • ID’s lacking both a photo and address are not acceptable.

    ID’s that are acceptable:

    • Valid driver’s license or state identification card (not a driver’s license)
    • Armed forces or government identification card
    • Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization
    • A Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
    • Voter or vehicle registration card
    • Home or vehicle insurance policy
    • Medical insurance card
    • Recognized school ID
    • Work/Corporate ID

    Acceptable IDs for minors:

    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • School ID
    • Healthcare info
    • Birth certificate

    ID’s that are NOT acceptable:

    • Social security cards
    • Credit cards
    • Birth certificates
    • Bank statements


  • Why do I need a 1583 form?

    As we are a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) we need your legal permission to receive and handle mail delivered by USPS. So if you expect to receive regular US mail we will need the 1583 form and it must be notarized per USPS regulations.

    Please note that the form is NOT related to mail forwarding with USPS where you wish to forward mail from an existing US address to your address with us. This is something you will request separately with USPS either in person in their post offices or via their website.


  • How can I complete form 1583?

    We provide you a customize pre-filled copy of the form in your account/dashboard. Along with detailed instructions, live support and notary services to complete the form.


  • Do I need to complete the Postal Consent Form (Form 1583)?

    Yes. This form authorizes us to receive mail addressed to you. It is for the security of your mail and USPS postal regulations require us to have a signed, notarized Form 1583 on the account.


  • What is a notary and where can I find one?


    A notary is a licensed official who will verify your identity and provide an official stamp on the USPS Form 1583. This stamp (in English or the local language) is required on your Form 1583 for it to be complete.

    Some options to get the form notarized include:

    • Using a local official, such as an attorney or bank official, who can provide a similar stamp. Notarization can take place in any country you reside in. 
    • Using an online notary service – this option is for US citizens only.
    • Call your country’s US Embassy for the service, if you’re a US citizen.
    • Notarize via Zoom call with US Global Mail. You can book an appointment via your account. Please email if you need assistance on how to do this.

    Note: Notary services do incur a small fee in most cases.


  • What address do I send the physical 1583 form to?

    Please send it to:
    Attn: Activations
    1321 Upland Drive
    Houston, TX 77043