What is a notary and where can I find one?


A notary is a licensed official who will verify your identity and provide an official stamp on the USPS Form 1583. This stamp (in English or the local language) is required on your Form 1583 for it to be complete.

Some options to get the form notarized include:

  • Using a local official, such as an attorney or bank official, who can provide a similar stamp. Notarization can take place in any country you reside in. 
  • Using an online notary service – this option is for US citizens only.
  • Call your country’s US Embassy for the service, if you’re a US citizen.
  • Notarize via Zoom call with US Global Mail. You can book an appointment via your account. Please email support@stage.usglobalmail.com if you need assistance on how to do this.

Note: Notary services do incur a small fee in most cases.